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Below is a list of all the sites that will have the book rotators on them, sub-sites included!
As of now we have sites in out network that has the book rotators on them and more will be added soon!
Most of the book rotators will be just under the header below all menu bars, but some may be lower depending on content placement on that site, but will be on the index page for sure.

We Promote Books
My Book Goal
Place For Authors
The Coloring Ebooks
Topic Reads
Promote More
Writers Corner
Travel Writer
The Blank Ebook
Book Promotions
Cover Promotions
Book Ads
Book Links
Sell Books
Promote Books
Authors Links
Open Book festival
Add Book Links
Silver Ebooks
John L Brown
Writers Post
Help self Publishers
Publishing Faq
Start Writing
My Adult Base
A Book Ad
Rotating Books
Rebranded Ebooks
Blank Ebook
All My Books

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