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Win More Bass Tournaments, will help you catch more fish, by using some of the tactics, and techniques, throughout this book, what to use, what color, spring fishing, summer fishing, fall fishing, winter water fishing, lure selection, and how to fish a tournament with the right mind set. I'm in my sixties now and I don't fish as much as I used to, but I've been there and done that, so I know a little bit about the topic. I promise you, if you use some of these tactics and techniques, you'll boat much bigger fish, and much bigger fish, will win tournaments, and we all want to win. I didn't fish a tournament to loose, but to win. Read the book and apply some of these tactics and techniques, and you'll see a difference. Keep your line wet...

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A Compilation of True Deer Hunting Stories, With Lessons To Be Learned. I started hunting forty two years ago and been there and done that. The stories in this book will help you in many ways, because there is a little bit about all the aspects of hunting deer.

Most of these stories are about my mistakes and not of my good hunts that I went on, only to show you some of the stuff I did when very green.

I could have added many more deer hunting stories, but thought that the ones I did add would be beneficial for there are many lessons to be learned. Everyone is different in every thing we do as individuals. The stories here are just to show the mistakes I made and the things I learned during my hunting trips over a period of 20 plus years.

I had many successful hunting trips, but wanted to tell the stories of most of my mistakes. I hope in some way, the reader can take some of my tips in this book to be a much better hunter, or at least, if you're a knew hunter, to learn the ropes much quicker than I did. Lots of luck on your next hunt.

In the last pages of this book, I have some pictures of some of my deer stands, and plans to make a quick and safe stand.

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A Guide to Illustration and Cover Design

So, you have written a book or you are thinking of tackling a manuscript, good for you. It is a worthy project, draining precious hours from your busy days, but it need not deplete your pocketbook, as well. Adding a splash of color or some fun illustrations to a final project is a wonderful way to make your manuscript stand out and believe me, with the millions of books being published every year, it is crucial to find a way to make yours pop. However, hiring professionals to draw a few pictures or create a cover can exhaust your profits, before you have sold a single book. Herein lies the solution to the problem do it yourself. for FREE.

The shortcuts are easy, timely, and will yield results that you will be pleased to call your own.

In the pages of this unique guide you will learn how to:

Create and Format Your Books Cover
Draw and Scan Your Images to your Computer
Trace Images and Make Them Your Own
Find Public Domain Images to Illustrate Your Book
Turn Your Photos into Illustrations
Download Free Image Manipulating Software
Source Online Book-Making Software
And much, much more.

Make your creation come to life, learning the skills to move it from Blah to Brilliant. If you are a self-publishing author, you owe it to yourself to purchase this book and implement the ideas in this book. today! It is a must have for anyone wanting to save the cost of hiring pricey illustrators or graphic designers. Get yours now and color your future.

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A simply written inspirational fiction novelette story of one mans beliefs that changed the whole world.

An inspirational fictional story of a true believer of God, that prayed to God to give him special powers to end crimes against the innocent, to end wars, poverty, homelessness, and to bring the world to peace. The man prayed for something that even he thought God would never grant him but still, he kept praying the same prayer.

The man was tormented by what he saw in his city, and around the world, so he never gave up and stayed positive, praying the same prayer many times during the day and night.

Murder, rape and home invasions were happening every minute; people were afraid to walk the streets even during the day. This has tortured this man, so he feels he has to do something about it, but with Gods help, because he knew he couldn't do it alone.

Some days, he felt hopeless with nowhere to turn, but still with determination in his heart to make a difference, for he felt with all his being that God would not let him down and someday, God may grant him his prayer and he was right, because God eventually grants him his prayer.

Although this story is fictional from my mind, I wish it were something possible, for I've seen things that disturb me, that our young, don't fully see yet, being that they are young in heart and only will see these things another way with maturity.

I too have prayed for this same kind of special powers as Caleb prayed for in this story, as far-fetched as it seems, I still believe God can do all things, and all things are possible with God.

Honest reviews will not shatter my dreams of writing, but will only make me strive to be a better writer in the future.

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"Hey guys" Do you want to impress your wife, to a point of her being putty in your hands?
This book can help any relationship that is suffering from the same old routines day after day, that will eventually end up unhappy, or divorce.

I'm no doctor, nor do I have a degree. I'm in my sixties, and I have been divorced for 15 years now, and I see marriage from the other side. This book is for men and women.

Relationships take a lot of work from both sides, and there are no one side here. If you truly love someone, than you would want to treat them special.

I wrote this book to help others that are having some problems in their relationship, to hopefully help keep a relationship from ending in divorce, especially where there are kids involved.

There is a lot of men that has never cooked for their wife before, and don't even know how to cook, but what better way to impress your wife than to cook for her. In this book, I have two recipes for two meals that are so easy that a cave man can cook them. If you want to impress her, just cook one of these easy to make meals, will do the job.

I'm talking to men here that have never cooked before, and only thought it was the woman's job. She will be putty in your arms if you cook for her. One of these meal recipes will go to her heart and not just her stomach.

This book will show you many ideas on how to keep any relationship spiced up, that will have a long lasting effect on keeping any relationship stronger, and to be much happier. You'll learn to get out of the same old routine, that destroys many relationships today.

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The title of this book is the name of the first story, Books Are Magic. The story is about a young boy, that starts reading a book, than quickly starts to day dream that he's in the story.
Story 2. Dreams In A Book, about a child that wrote down his dreams when young, and still remembers his dreams of his youth.
Story 3. I believe In Dreams, is about a child's dreams are so real, the child wakes up and still feels as if the dream was true.
Story 4. What Are Dreams Mommy? Is about a young girl that has her first scary dream and learns that no dream can hurt you. I wrote this story because I had bad dreams when I was young, and my mother told me the same thing as the mother told the little girl in the book, and that helped me to understand dreams.
Story 5. The Boy Dreamed He Could Fly Upside Down, about a boy that helped out others in need while dreaming.
Story 6. The Bowling Gang Party, is a cute little story that only happens when the bowling alley is closed, and all the bowling pins, and bowling balls all have a party.
Story 7. My Computer Mouse Can Talk, is about a boy that only wanted a computer for his birthday and he got more than he asked for with a computer mouse that talked.
Story 8. The Candle Stick Gang, is a cute story of candles with a weird way of communicating.
Story 9. The Talking Dishes, is a story of dishes that only came to life when everyone was away.
Story 10. The Talking Fishing Lures, is a great story for the small child that likes his dads fishing lures. This story has over 2000 words, and the lures all have a name.

This book is not illustrated!

Age group for this book is 6 and up, but a great book to read to much younger children also.

There is no illustrations in this book, only text. My daughter reads to her boys every night from books without illustrations, and she told me her boys only wants her to read to them.

I'm planning to publish these stories separately with Illustrations, only after I see some feedback on some of the stories.

All stories are imaginary stories. A great book of stories to read to your children.

Please be honest with your reviews, to help me with what stories you like.

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16 Short stories, some funny, some with a lesson to be learned, A couple of true stories. For ages 6 through twelve.

The first story is the title of this book, I'm A Story. This cute little story is about a little girl that thinks her life is a story.

1. I'm A Story .. 717 Words
2. When I Grow Up I'll Write Of Love .. 590 Words
3. The Boy That Thought He Was Funny .. 646 Words
4. The Smartest Raccoon .. 693 Words
5. The Haunted Cave Below The Hill .. 816 Words
6. A Young Dreamer .. 738 Words
7. Little Bobby Forgot The Fishing Bait .. 779 Words
8. Story Teller .. 816 Words
9. Billy And Lilly Says, Bullies Are Sissies .. 537 Words
10. A Boy With A Cowlick Who Always Wore A Hat .. 814 Words
11. The School Assignment.. 956 Words
12. The Angry boy Who Never Wanted To Do His Chores.. 662 Words
13. Hungry Raccoon's .. 799 Words
14. I Built A Bird House .. 785 Words
15. I Can't Keep The Mouse In The box .. 932 Words
16. Missy Came Home .. 768 Words

There are no illustrations in this book, and is meant to be read to your young children.
I will Illustrate some of these stories separately, after I see how well they do.
Please be honest when reviewing these stories and let me know which ones stand out to you.

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The Story Teller is a book of short stories, from the heart, for children 6 years, and adults.

Story One: Flowers for My Daughter. 583 Words:
Story Two: The Homeless Man. 745 Words:
Story Three: Ten Dollar Sneak. 734 Words:
Story Four: The Angel Named Tommy. 890 Words:
Story Five: The Hurt Bird. 934 Words:
Story Six: The Hurt Dog. 880 Words:
Story Seven: Helped The Boy Pass A Test. 925 Words:
Story Eight: Cat In A Tree. 699 Words:
Story Nine: They Let The Little Boy Play With Them. 1102 Words:
Story Ten: Help the Elderly Cross the Street. 904 Words:
There are no illustrations in this book, for the stories are all heart felt stories, that will touch your heart in many ways. The stories in this book could very well be about you.

A little preview.

Every Saturday morning at nine o'clock, all of the kids in the neighborhood would gather at Mr. Henry's house, after Mr. Henry had finished his coffee. This was because Mr. Henry was always a great storyteller; he told the best stories. Mr. Henry always wore a sailors hat with a bright red shirt and baggy brown pants. He was really funny too. His house was very colorful; white with red and green trim with shutters of pink that made it the prettiest house of them all.

As we all sat down around Mr. Henry on his front porch, one of the kids said, Mr. Henry, what story are you going to tell us today?

Mr. Henry replied, I think I'll tell the one about the man who wanted to buy some flowers for his daughter.

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There are no illustrations in this book, only text.

Mattie and Toby Birds on Their Journey:
The Boy Dreamer:
Homeless Man:
A Story in Me:
I Can Dream:
Sharing is Caring:
It Was a Dream:
The Magic Lunch Box:
Bobby Learned A Lesson:
Jake, the Fun Dog:

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In today's world our kids are not getting the right family values as when in the 50's and 60's when your parents set values for you, but have been lost in this new world we live in with so much lost to others views of how our kids are to act in this new world. There is so much negative media, no moral values from schools. We cant control what the media displays, but we can teach our kids the right morals as they grow. In this illustrated book, there are 23 positive stories with illustrations that pertain to each story. It took me over a year to put this book together with four professional copywriters to put all this book together. My goal was to put together stories with positive stories that your child can learn from each one as they grow.

23 Positive Stories:
1: Mom and dad
2: I want to be like my mom and dad
3: My family
4: Helping people
5: Telling the truth and not gossip
6: Saving money
7: Cleaning responsibilities
8: Doing chores
9: keeping your room clean
10: Doing homework
11: Sharing is caring
12: Eating your vegetables
13: Taking responsibility for your own actions
14: Doing things around the house without being told
15: Being organized
16: Personal hygiene
17: Taking care of pets
18: My mother takes care of me
19: Table manners
20: My fun-filled birthdays
21: Reading is important
22: Bedtime responsibilities
23: Your parents are your best teachers as you grow

This book should be read to all children because of the positive messages they have for a positive outcome as a child grows up. I would have loved to have had a positive book like this one when I was raising my kids. One thing I am very proud of, is my wife and I raised our kids in church, and this has helped my kids with raising their own kids. Kids need positive values from their parents and not from school and the media.

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